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“To the safe zone,” I have always lived my life. Never went out of the things and places I am not sure of. Yes, it’s always within-the fear of failure, the fear of rejection and the fear of not knowing. It cripples and it paralyzes the greatest potential of “what could have been.”

If there’s one thing I learned well in school was that mistakes were signs of weakness and it should always be avoided. The more you make right answers in the exam, the more you gain and the more you become a great student. But if there’s one thing I learned about life is that it isn’t about making everything right. It is not always knowing all the answers. It is about taking chances and making choices. May it be right or wrong,good or bad, you have to stand and live with the decisions you make.

“Safe” has played my life for too long not knowing that there hasn’t been much growth anymore. Nothing happens when we play this life so safe. Pleasing everybody else is just exhausting.I envy the people who are not afraid to go out of their zone of comfort. People who are just free as birds that don’t  care what tomorrow might bring. People who aren’t afraid to make as much mistakes.

Where choices are risks to take

Where decisions are just mine to make

Where wrongs could be lessons

Where crazy could be fun

Where there wouldn’t be too much “what ifs”

Where my “what could have been” awaits

Where stepping out is the only choice

Where fears are to be conquered

Take me there…

Take me to the place I’m so afraid of

Take me to the beautiful unknown