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As I wait for that call from a standby duty, I was reading a blue book. Ladies in blue come and go as they operate for flights. Some sit and wait for the briefing time and some chat with other girls. As I read this book, I realized that love comes in no color at all. It could be red, green, amber or blue whichever and whatever you like.

As I looked to these ladies, I knew that we all have our own journey-Journey of finding our own color of love. When I looked at them with a love from my head, I would see them plainly as my colleagues. But only through God’s grace, He wanted that love to be moved in my heart and see these ladies as opportunity to sow and share His love. 

As I sat and stared, I couldn’t help but utter a prayer for them, for all of us. That we may all have an encounter with the One True Love that comes with rainbow promises. A promise that was made in the beginning and lasts till the end of time.