Your help is a waste…


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Big or small, any act of kindness goes a long way.

We have too much selfishness and hate in this world and a little bit of love and generosity could make this world a bit better.

Look around you, you are blessed to be blessed.

Someone under the heat of the sun might need a cup of water.

A simple smile and hello can lighten up a person’s day!

You can pick up that small trash you walked pass by.

You can pet that stray cat for a minute.

You don’t have to be rich to be able to help others. You can share your passions and talent.

When someone tells you that your help doesn’t change a thing in this world, help some more. DON’T LET IT STOP YOU.

Small things matter. Spread love & hope!

Just when you think it doesn’t make sense to help, Check out this link below

Where Your Story Begins


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Daughter, you hear Me say it true: I begin a new thing in you.

The past is behind you. I was there with you. I can show you where I was.

Looking back is not bad, but staying there is not my plan. Let Me place my hand on the places of pain, where you feel alone, where you cry out for rescue.

I have rescued you, daughter. I created your frame, the contours of your skin, the timing of the way your eyes close, just so. I know your makeup, all the details of you, your entire story.

I author you, daughter.

The drafting of your story, your hand in mine . . . there is paper not more beautiful–curls of letters that make Me smile.

Daughter, the story of your name is written in my book, your beginning, the moment where you felt you ended and I begin. That is your beginning, child.

You begin where you end and I begin.

And the story keeps writing, child. After beginning there is adventure. After beginning there is trust and falling and catching and believing and choosing and waiting. There is much waiting and beginning again.

Your story running right off the page with Me.

This text is from Day3 devotional – Loop for women: “New Beginnings”

Where I Am


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I am the beginning, my love. I am your beginning. There is no where else you need to look. There is nothing else you need to chase down. I speak to your heart—in whispers, in moments. 

This moment now, my dear. This moment now. And the next one . . . and when you turn away from these printed words, too. I do not exist on the page, but in your heart—in the moments I give you. Each breath a testament to my life in you. Each sigh and tear and reaching for Me. I am in the middle. I am right here, in the middle, child. You are held, and I can’t ever let you go. 

It is not about what you do. You do from life in Me and you strive in life without Me. Reaching for Me is not the same as striving to attain something on your own. Reach for Me, and you have Me. Reach for other things—without Me—and these are things you should not attain. 

Let Me show you what is for us to do together.
This text is from Day 2 devotional – “Loop for women: New Beginnings”

Define simple


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I thought i have simple dreams before… 

Get married with the person i love, have kids, eat dinner together and have weekends together.

I guess I’m still far from being there yet… But it’s always a good thing to hope 🙂

Have simpler goals now.

Travel, hike, eat and see the world with the person who’s willing to take risks and uncertainties with me.

Simplest goal each day:
Always be positive, be grateful and stay happy!


What are your simple joys?

Let’s cross over


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Just as the author of Eat, Pray, Love book, Liz Gilbert made me fell in love with this word too.

“Attraversiamo” – an italian word that means let’s cross over. People say it to each other when they are walking down the street.

Or should I say “Let us pass through”

But what took me here is the apostrophe S in the word Let. It means that you are not alone- LET US.

Sometimes we are caught up by so many things that we get stuck in a certain situation, finance, relationships, routine and so much hurdles of this life.

It is time to go out and stretch those feet one step at a time! 

Sometimes all we need is someone to tell us “attraversiamo.

 Someone who will be with us as we go through the waters.

One that will hold our hand and crossover over with us to the other side.

I also liked how Laura, on her blogpost stated it.

“Imagine walking down the ‘street’ with someone you love and you want to go to the other side but it’s just too much to do alone. Attraversiamo. Let’s cross over…together. Or better yet. You want to cross over but you just don’t have it within you to say it. The person you love and who loves you says it. Attraversiamo. They say it because they know you and they want to walk to the other side with you. It’s beautiful isn’t it?”

May it be a lover, a family, a friend or a complete stranger… I pray that you’ll find someone to cross over with 🙂 

Coz’ I have found Him. I can just feel Abba’s gentle whisper “attraversiamo” my daughter. You got me.

The beautiful unknown


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“To the safe zone,” I have always lived my life. Never went out of the things and places I am not sure of. Yes, it’s always within-the fear of failure, the fear of rejection and the fear of not knowing. It cripples and it paralyzes the greatest potential of “what could have been.”

If there’s one thing I learned well in school was that mistakes were signs of weakness and it should always be avoided. The more you make right answers in the exam, the more you gain and the more you become a great student. But if there’s one thing I learned about life is that it isn’t about making everything right. It is not always knowing all the answers. It is about taking chances and making choices. May it be right or wrong,good or bad, you have to stand and live with the decisions you make.

“Safe” has played my life for too long not knowing that there hasn’t been much growth anymore. Nothing happens when we play this life so safe. Pleasing everybody else is just exhausting.I envy the people who are not afraid to go out of their zone of comfort. People who are just free as birds that don’t  care what tomorrow might bring. People who aren’t afraid to make as much mistakes.

Where choices are risks to take

Where decisions are just mine to make

Where wrongs could be lessons

Where crazy could be fun

Where there wouldn’t be too much “what ifs”

Where my “what could have been” awaits

Where stepping out is the only choice

Where fears are to be conquered

Take me there…

Take me to the place I’m so afraid of

Take me to the beautiful unknown

LOVE that makes NO SENSE


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Who would want this??

Something that is far from what this world offers

Can anybody have it? Or give it?

A love to be given to an enemy

A life laid down for a sinner like me

Wake me up! Open my eyes!

Coz’ it doesn’t make sense

Love that forgives over and over

One thing that keeps no record of wrong

Love that ruins fears

Always hopes and always perseveres

Something that is here all along

To break and torn every chain

To bring freedom and victory

that could neither be explained by mere words

Nor could ever be comprehended by just a  creation’s mind

“This love is an everyday kind of love”

A Love that makes no sense

Inspired by  This Love by Housfires II